What to Do in an Achieve Card Lost Circumstance?

The Achieve Card is one of the most popular pre-paid cards available and for excellent factor. For beginners, it’s simple to apply to benefit from the benefits that it supplies. Its users enjoy utilizing it so much that it’s the main card that they’re using. Therefore, they panic when they lose their Achieve Card.


A Lost or Stolen Card Can Create Headaches

A lot of bad things can happen if you lost your Achieve Card or any pre-paid card for that matter. For beginners, you cannot use the card any longer. Naturally, you cannot use the funds in the card because you do not have the card. This is a big deal if you’re planning to use the funds for something essential.

More notably, it can be used fraudulently. If someone discovers it and they do not do the best thing of reporting it as a lost and found card, the card can be used fraudulently and all the funds can be used. Obviously, you would not know if somebody took the card. If that’s the case, then you know that you’re in for a lot of headaches.

Therefore, you need to understand what to do when your card is lost or taken.

What to do the moment Your Achieve Card is Lost or Stolen.

The very first and the crucial thing that you must do are to report the card as lost or stolen. You should do this the minute that you find that it’s lost or stolen. You do not need to worry because reporting it is simple. You simply should provide the business a call at their toll-free number at 1-800-486-0273.

Once it’s reported, their back office will do the necessary investigations. They will check if fraudulent deals have been made before you reported the card as lost or taken. They might need more info from you regarding how the card got lost or stolen when you last used the card.

As soon as the procedure is done, and whatever was looked after on their end, you can request to obtain a brand-new card in the mail. This way, you can resume benefiting from the advantages given by the Achieve Card prepaid card.

At this moment, you may likewise want to check out the Cardholder Agreement. When you have a MasterCard, the card is released by the First California Bank. The card is released by The Bancorp Bank if you have a Visa.